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‘SaturCrikday’ – Discover Cricket with Men in Blue, Barcelona

To some, cricket is a sport. A game played by sportspersons who swagger as athletes, in scattered parts of the globe. It’s played between teams, districts, countries; in gullies, parks and grounds; for hours and days. It’s played in different formats… for the joy of a few, and the pleasure of more. To some, cricket is a sport. But to others, it is life. Sharing the same thoughts, The MIB (Men in Blue) cricket club in Barcelona, was formed by some cricket enthusiasts, who are passionate about the sport. After several years of it’s formation, this club needs no introduction. It has continued its commitment to spread the awareness of cricket amongst everyone. Their desire is to promote Cricket in the European world and get the European sports lovers to enjoy a non-traditional game in the way they enjoy games such as football and baseball.

MIB had arranged for an awareness program on Saturday, the 14th of January 2023 in Barcelona. The purpose was not to choose a specific target audience rather it was to choose to expose the entire European sports lovers to the game of Cricket with hopes that a ‘niche’ area will choose itself eventually in order to appreciate the game. The motive of this program was to familiarize them with the history of Cricket, the game of Cricket, the benefits of exercise of the game, the competitive edge Cricket has to offer and many such advantages.

Cricket teaches us many things. Like every sport, it teaches patience, sportsmanship, teamwork, practice, technique and talent. But it also teaches about life and chance — a lucky lBW decision one day takes you on to a hundred, making you a hero but the next day, a doubtful caught behind closes your account at zero. It teaches you to start afresh, every day. It teaches you integrity, ethics and values. Above all, it teaches you to feel the moment and share it with a billion people. 

After the promotions, MIB had such an encouraging and heartwarming response, that exceeded our expectations and it was overwhelming to see young children trying their hands in this sport and their parents motivating them to do their best. The weight of such expectations becomes a shot of adrenaline, pushing us to achieve the best you can — and beyond. We hope that more and more people come forward and lend their support which will motivate us to spread Cricket in every nook and corner of the world.

Credit: Deepika Aishwarya

2 thoughts on “‘SaturCrikday’ – Discover Cricket with Men in Blue, Barcelona

  1. A comprehensive presentation on cricket game covering the individual’s and the team as a whole roles and advantages. Hope it reaches and realised by the targeted readers / recipients and the aim of publisher fulfilled. 👍

  2. It is always good to have this kind of learning/sharing activity to understand better and teach us about what we see and not always understand. I hope it is done again. Thanks.

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